TOC « Glutathione-Silver Nanoclusters for Cysteine Detection

Article: Glutathione-Protected Silver Nanoclusters as Cysteine-Selective Fluorometric and Colorimetric Probe

  • All bytes are used with permission from Anal Chem, 2013, 85 (3), 1913–1919. DOI Copyright 2013 American Chemical Society.
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TOC graphic

Only the TOC graphic of this paper is done by me. It was based on the discussion with other coauthors. The actual design process took me two whole miserable days around New Year’s Eve of 2013. Miserable because that was how I celebrated the New Year it was hard to squeeze the three cases of detection and the words into the narrow stripe of the TOC canvas set by the journal (3.5 x 9.0 cm). Eventually, I came up with the published layout.

The three cases are shifted to the left to make space for the bunch of words on the top right. To better utilize the space and avoid compromising the font size, the words on the top right conforms to a predefined trapezoidal shape. This was done using a desktop publishing app Adobe InDesign which is great at handling the layout of words. The rest of the TOC was designed using Adobe Photoshop.

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