TOC « Precursor and Conversion Engineering for Synthesizing Monodisperse Thiolated Nanoclusters

Feature Article: Precursor engineering and controlled conversion for the synthesis of monodisperse thiolate-protected metal nanoclusters

  • Nanoscale, 2013, 5 (11), 4606–4620. DOI – Used by permission of The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
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TOC graphic

The original design of this TOC was done with PowerPoint (PPT) by my colleague Yong Yu. I improved it within the frame of PPT. It was the first time I had used PPT for graphics in a publication. The good thing about PPT is that its natively created graphics are actually all vector images, but it is very hard to select and control the layers of graphics, especially when they overlap each other. My conclusion is that PPT is very suitable for creating simple schematics, but it was not designed for creating an illustration with lots of overlaping elements.

Another thing is that the color distortion of the TOC published on the RSC website is very significant and strange (see the image below). The color distortion can occur in cases such as when the color mode of the image changes or when the color depth is significantly reduced. The CMYK mode, which is the gold standard for printing, is used for publications, whereas RGB mode is standard for screen viewing and is consequently used for web. The TOC produced by PPT was in RGB mode, so I expect that it would go through some color conversions after submission. In addition, judging from the .gif format (which supports up to 256 colors) and the dither noise of the RSC TOC, I expect some color reduction, which is usually applied to reduce the file size. However, I could not reproduce the color of the RSC TOC by changing color modes or reducing the color depth. I suspect that they may have used some special color conversion method or have done some color enhancement during technical editing? 😎


TOC graphic on RSC website

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