Growth Mechanism: From Au(I)–Thiolate Complexes to Au25 Nanoclusters

Communication: Toward Understanding the Growth Mechanism: Tracing All Stable Intermediate Species from Reduction of Au(I)–Thiolate Complexes to Evolution of Au25 Nanoclusters

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Figure S31. Schematic illustration of the mechanism of the redox reaction between Au(I) complex precursors and CO that leads to the initial formation of thiolated Au NCs.


Figure S32. Schematic illustration of the bottom-up growth of thiolated Au NCs.


Scheme 1. Proposed Reduction-Growth Formation of Au11(SR)9.


Scheme 2. Isoelectronic Addition, Disproportionation, and Comproportionation Reactions Occurred during the Size- Focusing Process (Stage II) of the Synthesis.

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