An Informal Curriculum Vitae

Zhentao Luo

镇涛 罗 (pronounced “Zen Tao Luo”)

PhD candidate
Mentored by Prof Jianping Xie


BioNanoMetals Research Group
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
National University of Singapore

Blk E5, 4 Engineerinlg Drive 4, #02-09, Singapore 117585

Research Interests

  • The origin of the luminescence of gold-thiolate nanoclusters (NCs)
  • Synthesis and biomedical applications of highly luminescent noble metal NCs



Selected Publications

  1. Luo, Z; Nachammai, V; Zhang, B; Yan, N; Leong, D T; Jiang, D* and Xie, J*, “Toward Understanding the Growth Mechanism: Tracing All Stable Intermediate Species from Reduction of Au(I)–Thiolate Complexes to Evolution of Au25 Nanoclusters”, J Am Chem Soc, 2014, in press. DOI
  2. Zhang, X-D;* Luo, Z; Chen, J; Shen, X; Song, S; Sun, Y; Fan, S; Fan, F; Leong, D T and Xie, J*, “Ultrasmall Au10–12(SG)10–12 Nanomolecules for High Tumor Specificity and Cancer Radiotherapy”, Adv Mater, 2014, 26, 4565–4568. DOI Equal contribution
  3. ChemComm-2013-TOC-graphic
  4. Luo, Z; Zheng, K and Xie, J*, “Engineering Ultrasmall Water-Soluble Gold and Silver Nanoclusters for Biomedical Applications”, ChemComm, 2014, 50, 5143–5155. DOI (Invited Feature Article)
  5. Chem-Asian-J-2013-Frontpiece-color
  6. Yuan, X; Luo, Z; Yu, Y; Yao, Q and Xie, J*, “Luminescent Noble Metal Nanoclusters as an Emerging Optical Probe for Sensor Development”, Chem Asian J, 2013, 8, 858–871. DOI (Invited Focus Review) Equal contribution
  7. JACS-2012-TOC
  8. Luo, Z; Yuan, X; Yu, Y; Zhang, Q; Leong, D T; Lee, J Y and Xie, J*, “From Aggregation-Induced Emission of Au(I)–Thiolate Complexes to Ultrabright Au(0)@Au(I)–Thiolate Core–Shell Nanoclusters”, J Am Chem Soc, 2012, 134, 16662–16670. DOI (Highlighted in “Noteworthy Chemistry” by Prof Ben Zhong Tang)

Teaching Experience

  • 08 – 011/2013
    Teaching Assistant (CN4121 Design Project), NUS
    Help two groups of students (50 fourth years) learn a process simulation software with another tutor every Tuesday afternoon.
  • 01 – 04/2013
    Tutor (CN3124 Particle Technology), NUS
    Taught 10 tutorial classes (290 second years) every week for the first half of the semester
  • 01 – 04/2012
    Tutor (CN3124 Particle Technology), NUS
    Taught 4 tutorial classes (120 second years) every week throughout the semester
  • 01 – 04/2011
    Teaching Assistant (CN2108 Chemical Engineering Lab I), NUS
    Demonstrated 2 experiments (to 180 second years in total) every Thursday afternoon throughout the semester.

Mentoring Experience

Undergraduate Final Year Project (FYP) students

  • 2011/2012    Kelvin Kum Fai CHOY, Wen Rong LEE, and Yajing LI
  • 2012/2013    Yi Yi CHEN, Wanqin NGOH, Junjie LIN, and Weber Wei Bai MAK
  • 2013/2014    VAIRAVAN Nachammai, Louis Jun Ye ONG, Rong Qing TAN, Zheng LIU, Andrea Xin Hui YEO, and Chi He